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“We all went to the polls knowing fully well that the process was flawed” – Akinlade reacts to Egbe Amofin’s Communique  


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August 5, 2020 11:29 am  

Former Ikorodu Branch Chairman and a Candidate in the just concluded national Officers Election of the Nigerian Bar Association, Mr. Bayo Akinlade, has urged the Egbe Amofin to take the outcome of the Elections in good faith and work to improve the system.

Mr. Akinlade in a statement made available to BarristerNG, noted that although he is at home with the grounds raised by the Egbe Amofin but cannot agree that cancellation is the answer.

The statement reads “I read with grave concern the Communique by EGBE AMOFIN. This is a body of very respected members of this great profession, many of whom have added value to the legal profession over the years.

“While I agree with the grounds of Egbe’s complaints and share in the logic of having much needed reforms, I STRUGGLE however, to AGREE with the calls for CANCELLATION of the just concluded Elections.

“As one who contested in the last elections and came 3rd out of 6 contestants, I have my own doubts but those doubts are not enough for me to go all out asking for another election.

“We all had something to complain about in the run up to this elections but that’s all we did really, we just complained, no contestant withdrew their candidacy or threatened to withdraw if ECNBA didn’t comply.

“We all went to the polls knowing fully well that the process was flawed.

“If EGBE AMOFIN had not started by adopting a single candidate, or even positioned itself to be neutral in the treatment of it’s members who wanted to contest then perhaps EGBE would be in a position to make these calls for a rerun of the elections and would act in the capacity of an elder and arbiter BUT Unfortunately, EGBE picked a side so cannot come out now and claim to speak for lawyers in the WEST; except EGBE is a group for Yoruba lawyers ONLY which will be quite unfortunate if they were.

“May I use this opportunity to call on my elders within EGBE AMOFIN to accept this ELECTIONS with all it’s flaws but use their influences, leverage and expertise to promote structures that will ensure a free and fair elections within the NBA in 2022 and beyond.

“I started practice just when NBA national got back together as a United Association, 20+ years down the line and it seems we haven’t move forward, this can only mean that the leadership has failed! So why should we continue to be at anyone’s mercy only when it comes to elections?

“Elections are held only within 48hours but the impact is felt for 24months.

“EGBE and other regional groupings should realize that the NBA is far more than it’s national body, what about elections in the 125 branches? What about the activities in 125 branches, what about the 1000s of lawyers across the nation suffering one oppressive system or the other? What position has EGBE or any other groups taken to remedy the situation? Why is it only during elections that these groups speak up? Only when elections are coming that these groups gather and claim to be speaking on behalf of lawyers?….I for one will not sit back and allow my own future in this Profession to be determined by the standard of others.

“Again I urge the leadership of EGBE to take this as an opportunity to build it’s own group, empower our own young lawyers and push for reforms in the WEST.

“Nothing wrong in EGBE calling those of us who didn’t win at the national level to come and form an exco for EGBE AMOFIN…..imagine DASAN as the President of EGBE, AJIBADE SAN as the Alternate and me as their 1st Vice (or some other candidate) and many others forming a strong executive for the EGBE that will show the path for NBA at the national level. The opportunities are limitless only if we truly want to serve the NBA as we claim.

“We can build a better NBA if we stop all the antics we engage in during elections. Stop all the showmanship, the ridiculous amounts of monies spent and the manipulations and adoptions….STOP STOP STOP!

“NBA is for ALL LAWYERS,” he said.


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