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How DASAN set himself Up to lose the NBA Election By Aderemi Oguntoye  


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August 5, 2020 11:26 am  

Adesina prepared to fail. Ask me why? He strongly believed he’s entitled to be handed the Bar Presidency since he served with Chief Olanipekun, SAN as General Secretary and Olanipekun and the Egbe Amofin endorsed him. Adesina didn’t realise that Egbe’s influence had limitations and it was actually counterproductive in the preceding circumstances of the endorsement.

My friends, endorsement doesn’t win elections, preparation does. In the 21st century, nobody hands power, influence to you. You go for it. You’ll be shocked to know that some junior lawyers in DASAN’s law firm and probably Chief Olanipekun’s law firm too, actually voted Akpata. The junior lawyers (age 21-33 yrs) don’t understand tribal sentiments,which our seniors are preaching on Egbe’s platforms, what they understand is Instagram and Tiktok and that is the language Olu spoke to them.

Pointers to Adesina’s preparation to fail:

On Wednesday 29th when the election was about to commence, ECNBA officials addresed candidates’ representatives btw 10:50pm-11:05pm. They explained the reason why they froze candidates from knowing ahead of time, the cyber platform to be utilised for the election. They basically guarded against likely direct interference by candidates with the platform/server providers (US company called Election Buddy). Interestingly, Adesina’s representatives were absent. At 1am, we (Ajibade’s agent and myself) were invited to ECNBA’s local tech room at the NBA house. They wanted to show us round in order to assure us that the ongoing election back up tech installation was free from manipulation. You know what’s shocking? Adesina’s rep/agent was still nowhere to be found.

At about 1:30 am when the live result monitoring platform temporarily froze, I agitatedly rushed up to the ECNBA server room and the officials put a call through to the Americans hosting the main computation server, who later assured us that the link will come back on. They had to quickly re-configure the refreshing timing, since there was more traffic on the result link than voting link. They were overwhelmed by the number of lawyers and non-lawyers following up on the results even at 1:30am.

By 7:30am, I enquired from the ECNBA officials whether they had independent officials and they informed me that they had sent the link to nothing less than 7 Judges/Justices of different courts amongst other observers for monitoring.

The first time we had a glimpse of Adesina’s representatives was when they arrived in the afternoon of 30th July with the sole purpose of submitting their petition and this was well over 14 hours into the election.

Please, let no one fool us because we are a very intelligent people and we shouldn’t be swayed by Adesina’s pre-planned reaction. The fellow doesn’t wish to go into oblivion without some noise. My inclination is that he either overestimated his chances or he knew he would lose. How do you explain his inability to present a situation room representative as required by the ECNBA?

Enough said for now.


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