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Why do Counsels 'appear' in food canteens fully robed?

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The other day, I was at the High Court Ikeja canteen eating. Then a female colleague also came in to eat, fully robed.

Obviously, her matter was stood down and she wanted to quickly grab a bite before the recall.

But I was amused and irritated as she went to the food counter with her gown on and her wig on her head. I was wondering what application she was making before 'His Ladyship ' the food vendor.

Meanwhile, this happens all the time with most of our colleagues.

I'm of the opinion that lawyers should only be fully robed when appearing inside the courtroom, and not outside.

While the business of the stomach must be attended to, I'm not sure it's much of an effort to remove the wig and gown once you step out of the courtroom.

After all, it doesn't take time to remove or wear the robe, does it?