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Ambode urges Muslims to be good after Ramadan

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The Lagos State Governor, Akinwunmi Ambode, has enjoined Muslims to continue to uphold the tenets of Islam beyond the month of Ramadan by showing love to  one another.

Ambode spoke at a special Ramadan Iftar (lecture and dinner) organised by the Deputy Governor, Dr Idiat Oluranti, at her official residence in Ikoyi, on Saturday.

The governor, who was represented by the Secretary to the State Government, Tunji Bello, noted that since Islam was a religion that preached peace, Muslim faithful should love one another and strengthen their relationships with others irrespective of their beliefs, tribes or culture.

“More developments would be achieved where there is peace,” he added.

The host,  Adebule urged  Muslims to remain steadfast and continue their good deeds beyond Ramadan.

“Ramadan is a period of prayer, thanksgiving, forgiveness and spiritual training; I urge Muslims to avoid acts and things forbidden by Islam during and after the holy month, ‘’ she said.

In his lecture titled, ‘Trusting in God’ – the Ameerul-Hajj of Osun State, Alhaji Dhikrullah Hassan, called on Muslims to always be upright and depend totally on God.

The husband of the deputy governor, Alhaji Saheed Adebule, advised Muslims to remain steadfast in their daily prayers and extend love and care to their neighbours.