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Tinubu: What I Expect In Bayelsa, Kogi Governorship Elections

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Bola Tinubu, National Leader of the All Progressives Congress, says he
expected his party to win the forthcoming governorship elections in
Bayelsa and Kogi states.

“What I expect in Bayelsa and Kogi is a victory. There is no other
party in the state. Politics is a market of many branches and this is
the broom.

"The broom will come together as a bunch to sweep all the debris of the past.

"That is it, and we are going to win the election,” Tinubu said.

He stated this on Sunday in Benin at the 90th birthday celebration of
the Esogban of Benin, Chief David Edebiri.

Tinubu added, “There are many apples, oranges and various fruits of
different characters.

"But one thing that is consistent is the broom that will come together
as a bunch during the election.”