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For Men Only: Parable of the Padlock

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The Parable Of The Padlock*

The following analogy is a useful way to explain to girls how men think. Men understand how they think but girls don't, you may find this useful to explain to your daughter the virtue [necessity] of chastity.
Men are keys.
Women are padlocks.
If a single key can open many padlocks it is considered a 'Master' key [think Solomon]. Master keys are esteemed amongst keys as somehow better than the rest. [This might be 'carnal' thinking but most men think like this.] But a padlock that can be opened by any key is considered useless as a padlock, what man would entrust his valuables [emotions, kids, house, etc] to a padlock that any key can open! This kind of padlock cannot be given valuables, it is no longer a lock, it is only useful as a key receptacle.

It seems that "equality" is the unspoken sacred cow creeping through churches today. Even if you interpret the 'exception clause' to include adultery you must concede that it still only applies to men and not women. My how far we have come from the truth as revealed in Scripture.

In today's politically correct climate, to be gender specific is considered taboo, but the Scripture is always gender specific when dealing with the topics of marriage, divorce and remarriage. Unfortunately, many [most?] churches try to address these topics with an egalitarian view, but by ignoring the differences between men & women the resulting document will either contradict the Scripture or leaves the reader to draw their own conclusions. Not good. Nearly every church has some kind of a statement-on-divorce-and-remarriage or guilty-party-policy, included in the Westminster Confession of Faith is such an example.

Westminster Confession of Faith Chapter 24. Of Marriage and Divorce.
10] "In the case of adultery after marriage, it is lawful for the innocent party to sue out a divorce: [11] and, after the divorce, to marry another, as if the offending party were dead."[12]

The wording is not gender specific, and although it doesn't directly say: the-same-rules-apply-for-men-as-for-women, that is what it means. This egalitarianism always rings alarm bells and yet I see it again and again.

Red Flag Warning! Please note the use of the words party, spouse, or partner. These words are used repeatedly instead of husband and wife or man and woman. Let the reader beware. This is not how the Bible shows it. Often this approach is to appease feminist sensibilities deeply ingrained in christianity and western psyche. This type of document has been produced to maximise appeal and minimise offence. It is a plague in the protestant churches [all stripes] If you want to see some really common ground amongst opposing denominations just look at their divorce apologetics, they should reconcile like Herod and Pilate.

 And indeed, many people and churches do use the same rules for men as for women in direct contradiction of the New Testament teaching. Now we see women divorcing their husbands and remarrying with the churches' blessing. Paul said otherwise; 1Cor. 7:39 The wife is bound by the law as long as her husband liveth. Please note; If the 'exception clause' must be interpreted in a generic fashion then divorce must be forbidden for men and women, not the other way around. Now it has become the easy way to recycle divorcees into adultery.


[1]'These boots are made for walking': why most divorce filers are women.

* The parable of the padlock wasn't written by me, I read it online [not sure where] and paraphrased it. The author is unknown to me.
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