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5 Nigerian universities with low law tuition fees

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5 Nigerian universities with low law tuition fees Author:

Abiola Atoyebi


The faculty of law in Nigerian institutions is one of the faculties that attracts an enormous crowd of students. Apart from the ridiculously large number of the students intending to study this course. It has also been observed that it costs more to study law too, unlike other courses.

Here is a list of 5 Nigerian universities and their tuition fees for law:

1. Obafemi Awolowo University (OAU) - This institution’s faculty of law is a fascinating centre of excellence where lofty aspirations and yearnings for legal knowledge are catered for. The faculty of law is one of the pioneer faculties of this university since 1962. The institution's tuition fee for intending barristers is charged at N43,700 per session, excluding the acceptance fee, which is N20,000, bring the total a first year student of the law faculty will pay to N63,700.

2. University of Jos (UNIJOS) - In order to meet the increasing demand for places to read law sweeping the country at the time, UNIJOS decided to transform the department that was formerly under social sciences into a full-fledged Faculty of Law in 1980. It envisages nurturing an ivy faculty of the highest standard that is rated as the best in Nigeria and among the three best in West Africa. To study law in the University of Jos, the sum of N84,200 which is inclusive of the acceptance fee is required.


3. University of Benin (UNIBEN) - The University of Benin, faculty of law is made up of 4 departments, with more than 30,000 students. It was established in 1981. Its goals constitute excellence and innovation teaching and research with a strong commitment to the needs of our students. As an intending law student, the management of the school has tagged its law tuition fees at N46,000 as the acceptance fee and N49,500 for the tuition fee, bringing the total to N95,500.


4. Babcock University - Babcock offers a focused, purposeful and moral formation and reformation of a new breed of legal practitioners. They belief that a study of Law without the knowledge of underlying social factors will produce knowledge of abstract or non-living law. Therefore to have your Bachelor of Laws (LL.B) Honours from this institution, you are required to pay the sum of N444,960 for the first semester and N243,180 for second semester of each year.


5. Igbinedion University - Igbinedion university aims to be among the best and most successful universities in the country. Also to provide overall service and good value for money in the University education sector. The university, since year of establishment has operated without interruption to return tertiary education to the internationally accepted calendar of September to June. However, to study law in this institution, you need the sum of N820,000 for the law tuition fees.


Name of Institutions                                     Tuition fees per session

Obafemi Awolowo University (OAU) -        N63,700

University of Jos (UNIJOS)                 -        N84,200

University of Benin (UNIBEN)           -        N95,500

Babcock University                                -       N688,140

Igbinedion University                           -       N820,000

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5 Nigerian universities with low law tuition fees Read more: