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Practice of our court on adoption of foreign law

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ADOPTION OF FOREIGN LAW: Practice of our court on foreign law

"Nigeria, like any other Commonwealth country, inherited the English common law rules governing the municipal application of international law.

The practice of our courts on the subject matter is still in the process of being developed and the courts will continue to apply the rules of international law provided they are found to be not over-ridden by clear rules of our domestic law.

Nigeria, as part of the international community, for the sake of political and economic stability, cannot afford to live in isolation.

It shall continue to adhere to, respect and enforce both the multilateral and bilateral agreements where their provisions are not in conflict with our fundamental law."


Per Wali J.S.C. in Ibidapo v. Lufthansa Airlines (1997) 4 NWLR (Pt.498) 124