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Cases of sexual harassment of female students by lecherous teachers in tertiary institutions have reached an obnoxious proportion. Victims now cry out more regularly. In their attempt to avert this worsening situation, many university authorities reviewed the rules guiding academic and non-academic contacts between lecturers and students. They did so in order to protect the image of their institutions from being defaced in the mud of immorality. They claimed those guidelines were stringent. But it is now clear that those measures are not stringent enough, or that lecturers have found a way of circumventing those preventive strategies. Not even the investigation, prosecution and imprisonment of randy lecturers seem to have deterred others from sinking into the immoral behaviour. Recently, the media have been awash with stories of a sex scandal rocking the University of Abuja. The university had to set up a 7-man panel to investigate a female student’s allegation of sexual assault against a professor. The lecturer was issued a query after he was caught in-the-act in a sting operation involving police detectives and the university’s security personnel. ADVERTISEMENT There are several other cases of sexual assaults even in a conservative university like Ahmadu Bello University (ABU), Zaria. It was recently reported that some female students in the university were battling to overcome the trauma of sexual harassment and abuse by their lecturers. One of such incidents involved a 100-level female student in the Faculty of Education. After the lecturer was exposed, it was discovered that he was even positive for HIV and Hepatitis B, two sexually communicable diseases. It is not impossible that he infected the unfortunate student with these diseases. ADVERTISEMENT OVER 5,000 NIGERIAN MEN HAVE OVERCOME POOR BEDROOM PERFORMANCE SYNDROME DUE TO THIS BRILLIANT DISCOVERY As a result of cases like these, parents have resorted to enrolling their female children and wards in private universities or in foreign universities, instead of allowing them to attend public universities in Nigeria. This amounts to capital flight, but most importantly, it is a demonstration of parents’ fear that if they allowed the female children to be exposed to randy lecturers in the country’s university system, they would regret it. We condemn in strongest terms the immorality and pandemic profligacy that has polluted universities, the custodians of knowledge and virtues. It is very unfortunate that an environment where only decency and excellence survives has been turned into a den of lions. Though some students have spoken up against their oppressors, many have kept quiet and dangerously submitted to the evil desires of immoral lecturers. These students fear humiliation if it comes out in the open that they had been sexually assaulted. Their cases are made worse because universities demand for incontrovertible evidence from female students who claim to have been assaulted before the authorities take steps to investigate such complaints. In this way, students who are not courageous cave in, only to suffer in silence. We encourage female students in tertiary institutions to face their studies with all seriousness. One of the things that would render a student susceptible to the machination of immoral lecturers is poor academic performance. Though good students are also harassed, the majority of students who suffer in silence comes from the bracket of weak and unserious students who may have given in to the warped thinking that their body would buy pass marks for them. The proportion of brilliant students who are harassed, assaulted, threatened or terrorised is low. In this digital age, we encourage students to use spy camera apps and gadgets to gather evidence against lecturers who harass them. We encourage them to acquire and learn how to use such gadgets. Female students could activate them when being harassed by lecturers so as to harvest evidence with which they could nail morally bankrupt lecturers. On their part, we ask university authorities to investigate to the logical conclusion as many cases as are brought to their attention, and take steps to ensure that justice is done. Universities are no brothels. Lecturers should not turn them into brothels.

Read more: https://www.dailytrust.com.ng/randy-university-lecturers.html


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