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Louis M. Brown Forest S. Mosten Int'l Client Consultation Competition 2018

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Louis M. Brown Forest S. Mosten International Client Consultation Competition 2018


Louis M. Brown Forest S. Mosten International Client Consultation Competition 2018
11 April 2018 – 14 April 2018, Maastricht, the Netherlands

The Faculty of Law of the University of Maastricht (the Netherlands) welcomes you to the 2018 Louis M Brown Forest S Mosten Client Consultation Competition Website.

The 2018 Brown-Mosten ICCC finals will be hosted by the Faculty of Law in its historic faculty building at the Bouillonstraat 3 in Maastricht. The building is the former district government center, which has been acquired by the university some 20 years ago. It is to be found in the historic center of Maastricht and is surrounded by many interesting landmarks that go back to Roman times.

The faculty is proud to have the honor to organize this competition for a second time and is determined to make the 2018 event as enjoyable as the finals of 2011. All this has been made possible by funding supplied by

Maastricht University (Faculty of Law and Department of Foundations and Methods of Law);
the University Fund SWOL;
the township of Maastricht;
the province of Limburg;
and lawyer's office Wolfs Advocaten (Maastricht, Roermond, Venlo)

Organizing the 2018 competition has been delegated to an Organizing Committee of the Faculty of Law, chaired by Fokke Fernhout. Communications for the Committee can be sent to iccc2018-org@maastrichtuniversity.nl. The Organizing Committee is assisted by a Student Committee (iccc2018-studcom@maastrichtuniversity.nl).

This site will give you all information needed about the competition and the event.  If any information is missing, please contact us. The contents of this website is subject to change; no rights can be derived from any previous version. General information about the event is listed under Schedule of Events.