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Should lawyers wear collars and bibs in public?

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In  1995 when I was about to be called to Bar, I needed to have a recommender. Then, in the company of other aspirants, I visited the office of Mrs. Fokake Solanke SAN. She welcomed us warmly and had a brief chat with us. One of the things she said on that day struck a chord with me and has continued to resonate, 20-something years on.

She said she found it improper each time she saw a lawyer at the bus stop or on a bike with his collar and/or bib on.

Ever since that day, I've always been conscious of the fact that I must remove my collar and bib once I'm out of court premises.

But I discovered that most of our colleagues don't bother about these things. The other, I was at FCT High Court in Maitama and I observed several Counsels arriving vide commercial vehicles with their collars/collaetes bibs already made up. And this happens all over the country. In Lagos, you will see a counsel 'kitted', in danfos, BRT buses, tricycles or on "okada". This in my opinion is improper.

It is a different situation if you drive your own vehicle. But not having a vehicle is not a sin.

And this is also calling on various chapters of the NBA to make provisions for "robing rooms", just a small space where lawyers can dress and undress before and after their appearances. I don't think this is too much to ask for.

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I've observed this too and I think it's not right